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Meet the Owners


Hi y'all!

We're Joel and Bethany Cassell. Welcome to our home. It's wonderful to have you here. 


We have always loved historic homes and dreamed that "one day" we would own one, start a vineyard and then a winery. When we finally purchased The Estate at White Hall Vineyard, the home of our dreams, some dear friends gave us the idea to host events as a compliment to our dream of owning our own winery.  Since then we have used our winery to support some of our local King George non-profit organizations and school teachers.  In order to preserve our historic property, we've also hosted numerous weddings on our property and in our historic Stable Chapel Tasting Room (built in 1850) and our Dairy Barn Cathedral (built in 1907).  It's been so much fun!

Image By Arli Quinn Photography

As you get to know our Wines, our Vineyard, and our Estate, we hope you will be sure to learn many of our nearly-legendary the stories behind our Goat Wines: where our goats persistently ate our painstakingly, hand-planted vines down to stubs....vines Joel had labored tirelessly to plant in 100+ degree weather! The joy of giving those goats away sparked inspiration for our Lucky Goat, our Goats of Wrath, our Wandering Goat, and more! And the name isn't all that's great about these wines, we are often told by customers new and old that our wines are among the best they've ever tasted!

We can't wait to hear what you think of them too! So, plan to come by sometime soon. There is almost always a live band, a food truck, and fun to be had! Check our Calendar of Events to see what's coming up! When you come visit, you very likely will find one of us behind the bar. Hope to meet you soon!


Joel and Bethany

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