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Spring Newsletter

The Estate at White Hall Vineyard

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Wine Club Exclusive

Our heavy reds are returning from their vacation!

Wine Club members get first taste on new blends, some of which feature varietals not seen on our tasting menu before.

Include a Borgeaux Blend, Wandering Goat, or 1740 Reserve in your next visit or pickup soon.

Spring has Sprung! (And so has Festival Season)

The weather is getting warmer, the garden is beginning to bud, and suddenly, you’re craving a crisp white wine, or maybe a cool glass of Goats of Wrath. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s a snapshot of our spring festival season so far:

4/29 FXBG Food & Wine Expo – Fredericksburg Expo Center 12pm-5pm

5/6 Stratford Hall Brews & BBQ Festival – Stratford, VA 11am-7pm

5/6 Dulles Food and Wine Expo – Dulles Expo Center - Chantilly, VA 11am-4pm

5/6 King George Family Day/VFW Birthday – Sealston Sports Complex - King George, VA 2pm-7pm

5/13 FXBG Tacos & Beer Festival – Fredericksburg Fairgrounds 11am-4pm

5/20 Virginia Wine & Craft Festival – Front Royal, VA 11am-6pm

We can’t wait to see you!

If you want to see us at your favorite festivals, or would like to help out, email us at and we’ll be in touch.

We are Now Open on Thursdays!

As the weather continues to grow warmer, we decided it was fitting to open more days. That’s why, you’ll now be able to sit and enjoy your favorite White Hall wines not just at home on Thursdays, but in the stable, out on the property, listening to live music, or enjoying food from local food trucks.

We can’t wait to see you on Thursdays from 4:30-8:30pm!

TEWHV Book Club

Some of the greatest adventures are in the written word, and others, in reading them. And after much anticipation, we have embarked on a new adventure, a book club!!

We are so excited about the support we have received from those who have turned out already for our first meetings.

If you would like to join us in discussion and in reading, either in person or in spirit, email or join the Facebook Group.

History Corner

Each newsletter, we’re going to be giving you a brief insight into the long history and legacy of White Hall and its various owners throughout the years.

Last time, we left off in 1774, after the property and home had been bought and sold by several different owners. However, finally, it was going to be staying in the hands of one family for centuries.

Michael Wallace was a Revolutionary War hero. Hailing out of King George, VA, standing 6 foot 6 inches tall, he was an enormous sturdy man. He was able to last the infamous winters at Valley Forge, and rise up in ranks to become a Major.

His deep, resounding voice would carry miles, but luckily it’s said that he was a gentle hearted man. Or, at least, he grew to be.

According to local legend, when an Irishman came to the Port of Falmouth after the war, itching for a fight, someone brought up the tall, strong Major. While Michael Wallce was a kind man, he was never one to turn down a fight at the time, so the Irishman waited eagerly for Wallace to come down from Ellerslie, Stafford, not realizing these moments may be his last. Michael Wallace did come, and it’s said that he killed the Irishman with the first blow. After that night, Michael Wallace refrained from fighting forever!

When he found out the widow of White Hall, Lettice Wishart’s husband had passed, he declared that he would marry her, and he rode from Ellerslie with his friend to court her. Lettice and her late husband had inherited White Hall from Lettice’s uncle, but after her husband’s death, she was a widow with three small children living at White Hall on 6,000 acres of farmland!

But who wouldn’t want a war hero to come home to? The pair had two sons, Gustavus Brown Wallace, named after his uncle, and Michael Wallace, named, of course, after his father.

Lettice would eventually pass, and Major Wallace would remarry, but his family would live at White Hall for over 100 years.

Next time you’re on our property, you might even spot the Wallace family cemetery.

Curbside Pickup

We now offer pre-orders and curbside pickup!

The best part about living on property is that we’re always on hand for you! Need that last-minute bottle? We’re here! Craving our Sangria? Still here.

Call ahead or email to schedule a pickup with Bethany

Seeking Volunteers

If you’ve come to the winery in the past month, you may have noticed our heavy reds are MIA. Luckily, we’ll be bottling them soon. If you, or anyone you know would be willing and able, or just want a behind the scenes look at what it takes, email to join our volunteer team.

For the latest information and calendar of events, download our App!

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