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Weekday Wine by Appointment + send us questions!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

As we head into the end of our season, you might be thinking that you need your Goats of Wrath fix over the holidays, or maybe you're a die-hard Solus Christus drinker (like me) and you need a bottle, but it's Tuesday.

Don't stress! We've got you!

We are now offering wine sales by appointment!

If you're a King George or Fredericksburg local you can pre-order pickup or delivery through our app or website. You can even call ahead for pickup.

Out of town? Order via Vinoshipper! We can ship wine to 37 different states, and merchandise to 41! Perfect for those out-of-town relatives you brought here last time they were in the area.

Or maybe you are the out-of-town relative! In that case, check to see if shipping is available in your state, that way you never have to be without your White Hall favorites!


Anything you've been wanting to know about the winery, our wines, feel free to send into

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